Protocom has built, supported and managed multiple messaging platforms for Australia's globally renowned top Tier 1 Telco. Their average Messaging revenue (using our solutions) is over 1 billion dollars per annum. Protocom's cost is around 0.01% of the Telco's annual revenue. We have significantly reduced their costs without affecting their bottom line.

We have developed a number of customized "Enterprise" solutions for a leading global Tier 2 Telco.

Typically, we have designed, developed and rolled-out solutions on spec within a week to 2 weeks. Depending on project scope, our average rollout is 1 week to 1 month. We offer 24 x 7 support with minimal disruption or down time to allow our partners' to continue to offer top-level services without revenue loss or churn due to downtime.
Our Telco VAS solutions including our Local Number Portability (LNP), Mobile Policy Switch (MPS), Pro Network Connect (Telco Suite) and Pro Message Connect (Enterprise Suite) - are all incremental and revenue generating VAS and messaging solutions which sit on top of our customers' SMSC/SIGTRAN stack messaging infrastructure layer. All our solutions are modular so you can add-on single or multiple product layers giving varied functionality and capability depending on requirements and budget.
We have built over 10 customized solutions in the past 6 months for a leading global Telco to assist their customers with a variety of mobile and web based information services. We estimate that our solutions have generated additional revenue of in excess of $100 million per annum as well as reducing their churn by adding value to the array of services provided. We came in under budget and project time for all of the solutions requested.

Protocom has worked with Australia's leading and biggest Tier 1 Telco for over 15 years developing and managing their Messaging solutions. We have been supplying a leading global Tier 2 Telco with numerous customized on spec Enterprise solutions for the past year.

We also partner with a global leading ICT consulting and hardware corporation as one of their preferred partners in Messaging VAS solutions to their Communication Service Provider clientele.
Our Value Added Services and messaging solutions consisting of Pro Network Connect for Telco and Pro Message Connect for Enterprise have been operational for over 15 years with leading Global Telcos and Enterprises. We have a proven track record in being fastest to market with innovative messaging technology resulting in increased revenue for our clients. References are provide on request.
We have rolled out our Workflow engine solution to a leading global Tier 2 Telco to enable them to reduce their infrastructure and Operational costs. Protocom manages all their processes and data flow via our Cloud Service.