Presale365 - Real Estate:

Presale365 is an online platform to help developers and agents to easily manage their projects, properties and the sales transactions anywhere, anytime, using their smart phones, tablets and PCs.

Developers and agents can work together or independently to instantly access relevant information and process transactions in real-time. This will enable you to significantly reduce resources and increase productivity to the level that you will never experienced before.

Presale365 offers a wide range of features and capabilities:


Projects and properties to easily be shared and managed with qualified agents and professionals.


Bulk import and export of projects and properties, real-time control, instant update to pricing and status.

Google Maps:

Viewing of property location, surround environment and proximities.

Sales Advice:

Instant notifications of property reservation, submission, acceptance, deposit, contract, exchange, pre-settle reminder, and settlement.


Flexible commission and invoice management for developers, agents and sales teams.


Effective way to manage propective purchasers, customer inquiries and data analysis, customised CRM and smart deal tracking.


Valuable project and sales teams performance reports.