Protocom started in 1997 in Sydney Australia.

Protocom has been supplying Telstra, Australia's Tier 1 operator with messaging platforms, solutions and services since Protocom's inception.

In 2001, we were the first vendor to launch a commercial MNP (Mobile Number Portability) and SMS Solution into Telstra. Since then we have developed and launched numerous messaging solutions such as MessageBank Notifications, Prepaid Gateway, Customer Receipt Management, SPAM and Fraud Control, Mobile Online Activation and Provisioning, Fixed SMS Centralised Activation and Provisioning, Mobile Broadcast Campaigns, Home Network Routing, Customer and Mobile Policy Management, Integration of Text to Speech, Email to SMS/SMS to Email, Legal Interception, Personalised Answering Services, Online SMS, USSD Selfcare and USSD Push. We continue to supply solutions as Telstra's network advances with new technologies such as LTE, 4G.

We have rolled out our fully integrated Advanced Messaging Suite including our IP SMSC and our fully compliant SIGTRAN Stack within Telstra .

In 2008, as the emerging market sector grew, we found the need to open an R&D facility in India to facilitate the APAC region.

Protocom has spent the necessary resources to develop new solutions for our rapidly changing markets. One of these is the Enterprise sector. Communication and information flow is a vital component for businesses of all sizes. To that, Protocom has now developed a suite of products and solutions to suit this sector.

In 2012, we became a member of the NSW Business Chamber that represents over 22,000 businesses across NSW. Protocom will be offering Enterprise solutions to this organisations' members giving us the unique position of supplying Telco grade services to all businesses.

Also in 2012, we rolled out customised Enterprise solutions for Digicel Bermuda which has proven extremely successful. We are now cloning these services to other smaller Telcos and Communication Service Providers in Asia Pacific as well as Africa.

In 2013 Protocom implemented their Pro Mobile Policy Management solution into Telstra, Australia's leading Tier 1 Telco.

We have also set up our Access Management messaging service where we now supply Enterprises and Communication Service Providers with in-house SMS communication tools.

Protocom has commenced rolling out a range of Enterprise solutions to CSPs in other emerging market regions starting with Africa. There will be more to follow in the coming months.