Pro Network Connect

The Pro Network Connect suite is a framework for products that allows Telecommunication Providers to engage with their customers in the mobile space whilst leveraging the benefits of cloud computing.

The cloud suite consists of the core messaging interface platform and access to the wide range of products and applications.

Why take the cloud approach?

A constant concern amongst CSP's is the time and cost of integration to 'stand-up' a new set of services.

The flexibility of the cloud based solution means Protocom can remove the risks associated with infrastructure builds imposed on CSP's and allows us to manage this for the CSP. When new capacity is required Protocom can scale the application horizontally or vertically in the cloud on a temporary or permanent basis to manage traffic spikes that occur during Christmas, New Year celebrations or on a permanent basis to satisfy ongoing traffic demands.

Utilising a cloud based approach to product build minimizes implementation effort and drastically reduces build cycles enabling new products to market faster.

Option 1: Fully Hosted Pro Network Connect Solution in the Protocom Cloud

For those CSP's ready to adopt cloud technologies.

Option 2: Full Pro Network Connect suite hosted on the CSP's infrastructure

For CSP's planning to leverage all the benefits of the Pro Network Connect suite but want to maintain their own infrastructure solution.

Option 3: Thin client integration - Protocom hybrid Cloud

For CSP's with a large legacy suite of messaging applications but looking for a smaller integration and investment to leverage the power of the Protocom cloud.

Common Cloud Concerns

Security of data: the Secure Online Information Solution (SOIS) is an integral part of this solution in protecting customer data and ensuring only authorized parties can access the CSP's data.

Isolation of data: Each Protocom customer gets their own entire instance of the Pro Network Connect Cloud Suite ensuring that the CSP's solution is totally independent of other CSP's.

Redundancy: Protocom maintains the solution in two geographically redundant locations to ensure that in the event of disaster the CSP's business keeps running. Our design is such that both instances run at the same time and either can take the CSP's entire traffic load.

Backup: Protocom perform nightly backups of the CSP's data to physical media that is securely maintained.

Hosting: Hosting sites are currently based in Australia, however they can be hosted in any other country if required.

Scalability, Robustness and reliability: Protocom have been operating with Telco's for over 15 years in the messaging space and understand the importance of a high uptime solution and never losing a message. Protocom have spent the past 3 years architecting solutions and thoroughly testing them to ensure they continue to work flawlessly using cloud based technologies.

Protocom's Pro Network Connect Application Suite stores and maintains data within the Protocom Cloud solution. This approach provides extensive control and security protection for data and applications ensuring the highest degree of privacy.

The Pro Network Connect Cloud based application suite provides low cost solutions by leveraging the economies of scale.

While cloud computing is now a relatively common technology, Protocom understand that not all CSP's are ready to adopt cloud computing. That's why we designed the solution with three different options to support those CSP's who are ready to adopt SMS as a Service (SaaS) and CSP's that prefer to take a more tentative approach and leverage cloud computing for their existing solution.