Campaign Manager:

The ideal tool to perform adhoc or regular broadcasts to the CSP's customer's mobile devices. The Mobile Campaign Manager enables the performance of wide ranging and complex broadcast campaigns. Protocom's Campaign Manager System allows Enterprises and CSPs to schedule and monitor multiple campaigns simultaneously. It incorporates an opt-in/opt-out engine and can monitor and control how often subscribers interact as well as track reply and click through rates. The Mobile Campaign Manager also enables the tracking of broadcasts' performances in real-time monitoring throughput and responds to campaigns enabling the ability to stop or tailor message content or respond mid-campaign.

Protocom's Mobile Campaign manager product accepts reply messages for storage or on-forwarding to email, it also returns customised responses; Time-of-day limiting protects subscribers by letting administrators block messages between specific times; Blacklisting to ensure specific numbers can never be broadcast; Booking capability ensuring most efficient capacity management and distribution; Scheduled broadcasts; customer preview as an extra safe guard before sending broadcasts; periodic message notifications to administrators during a campaign indicating the cusses/failure rate of submissions allowing the broadcast to be easily monitored.

We offer a highly scalable infrastructure solution; ability to monitor and manage campaigns on the fly; support for delivery receipts and message concatenation; generation for CDR's for post processing billing and statistics; support for per message MNP queries; connectivity to multiple SMSC's in an active-standby or failover capability.

Interactive SMS:

A rules engine that allows the CSP to easily script SMS interactions with customers allowing for automatic replies to customer queries. Protocom's iSMS solution allows Enterprises & Service Providers to engage directly with customers and subscribers using a reply-path messaging option. Most "bulk" SMS services are a "no-reply" solution. Ours allows for direct 2-way interaction opening up an entire new avenue of communication services.

Our iSMS product is a interactive version of the standard sms message which enables an sms dialogue between a sender and receiver, iSMS example:
"Thank you for registering for our healthcare news messaging. Please reply with "YES" if you wish to receive monthly. If you are not interested, please disregard the message".

Protocom's iSMS product establishes a session with the user and manages the flow of SMS messages between the application and users so that right responses are linked to the right application even if several simultaneous sessions are established. The authentication of users is secured so customers do not need to remember names or passwords or authentication procedures.

iSMS works on all devices and all networks without installing software or configurations to the device because our iSMS messages are delivered as standard text messages.

SMS Bill Check:

Protocom's System Billing Check (SBC) is a messaging tool that allows Service providers and subscribers to send, receive and monitor account and relevant information. Account details, ability to change details and receive information via messaging once the subscriber has registered with our Secure Registration Application. The Service Provider can define a virtual session for each subscriber then monitor the level of a subscribers' activity (user requests), change system configurations and determine type of service detail and information to send to the subscriber. The subscriber can request for additional services, balance checks, amount owing, profile changes, etc.

Customer self-service can often be seen as a discovery process. As customers become more comfortable performing routine transactions such as checking account status via their phone there is a gradual progression to more complex transactions such as payments, purchasing new features and renewing contracts. By providing these simple and intuitive features to customers early on, as they become more comfortable with their usage, significant traffic can be taken off call centres and more easily and cost effectively moved online in this digital age.

Secure Registration:

The Secure Registration Application provides the ideal security for online access to information for any of the Protocom Enterprise products. SRA is used to register secure data in a completely safe environment minimising any security issues.

It's a complete secure application to store analytical data as a front-end process to the CSP's services. SRA is a web services interface allowing access to all the capabilities and data stored in the local and 3rd party data stores. The policy engine is what is used to protect customer data and ensure that only users and systems with necessary permissions and passwords can access the data stores. Additionally all events are streamed to external logging serveries giving you a complete audit history of access to customer data.

The Data Stores are a series of distributed databases which hold customer data. All sensitive customer data is encrypted within the database and replicated across 2 or more data sources providing for greater performance as well as high availability.

Integrated POS App:

Protcom's Integrated Point Of Sale (POS) Application allows customers to manage their accounts using a POS terminal located at the CSPs outlets. This will allow users to view all their different accounts such as Mobile, Landline and Internet.

Our system allows the customer to independently :

  • Access outstanding payments
  • Pay bills for any account using credit or debit card
  • Communicate with the CSP's billing system
  • Print off a customer receipt which can be completely customized by a template

This system gives the operator access to configuration, usage statistics, previous succesful and failed transactions and logs for easy and user friendly management.

Integrated IVR App:

Protocom's Integrated IVR is an automatic answering system which takes customers calls and gives the user the ability to Create their account and set and change PIN, View Bills, Pay outstanding bills to name a few. These services are done from any standard phone or mobile by calling the CSP's customer care number.

The application can handle simultaneous calls and stores all the data internally. It has a detailed history of all transactions and all sensitive data is encrypted. It is managed via a web administration page so it can be accessed from within the local network. This page provides statistics, logs and auditing information to the CSP.

The IVR Application integrates into any CSP billing system to retrieve customer data and make payments to their accounts.

The infrastructure needed is minimal.

Online Billing Portal:

Online Bill Portal is an easy way for subscribers to manage their GSM Broadband, Mobile, Long distance and ISP services.

The OBP is designed to act as a mediation layer for bill payments whereby information can be collected from a common database but communicated with different providers without the need for providers to communicate with each other individually. This allows customers to manage multiple services using just one OBP account with all the complexities abstracted making their payment process faster and easier.

A CSP can now offer this product to their customers/subscribers who can then sign up to manage and pay CSP services and bills in one ubiquitous service. The system uses SMS and email verification to ensure security for registration of accounts.

Some of the different tasks that can be performed by the user using Protocom's OBP system are: Bill payments; registration for new or existing features; change of service plan; Access to history of payments and invoices; Keep records in different formats of all payments, bills, invoices; Edit personal information; Signup for Automatic payment options; Change Auto Pay details and/or update credit card information; update to latest changes, features, services.

Protocom's OBP web Management page allows CSPs to check logs, audits and statistics. All user actions are logged within our system.