Pro Message Connect

The Pro Message Connect cloud suite is a workflow engine with business rules to drive a group of applications specially designed to allow Enterprises to interact in an more defined automatic process with their customers in the mobile space.

Pro Message Connect ensures that the CSP's data - and the CSP's alone - is stored and maintained within the larger Pro Message Connect Cloud solution. This approach allow for control and security in the knowledge that the CSP's data and applications are not shared with other organizations ensuring the highest degree of security and privacy. Additionally we maintain a standby instance in a separate data center to ensure the CSP has complete redundancy.

Each enterprise has a dedicated set of applications and data, segregated from all other enterprises, meaning the CSP can be confident in having the CSP's own dedicated applications without concern that other providers will have any impact. This concept provides the CSP with a low cost workflow messaging solution benefitting from the economies of scale that multiple enterprises can provide.

What is in the Pro Message Connect Workflow Cloud Suite?

The Pro Message Connect Workflow Cloud Suite consists of the core messaging interface and access to the following applications:

The workflow cloud suite enables the CSP to easily and effectively interact with the CSP's customers on their mobile device via SMS, MMS and customised android and iPhone applications.

While cloud computing is now a relatively common technology we understand that not all CSP's are ready to adopt cloud computing. That's why Protocom has introduced four different options to cater for those CSP's ready to fully embrace cloud computing versus those who are looking to take a more tentative approach and leverage cloud computing for their existing solution.

Option 1: Fully Hosted Workflow Solution in the Protocom Cloud

For those enterprises looking to fully embrace the Workflow cloud technology.

Option 2: Full Pro-Message Connect workflow suite hosted on the CSP's infrastructure

For enterprises planning to leverage all the benefits of the Pro-Message workflow suite but want to maintain their own infrastructure solution.

Option 3: Thin client integration

For CSP's planning a smaller integration and investment into the mobile space but keen to leverage the power of the Protocom workflow cloud.

Option 4: Aggregator

For CSP's not ready to adopt cloud computing or are simply looking for a new way of engaging our customers via mobile using the workflow process.

What we provide: Protocom will provide the CSP with an account in a hosted environment where by the CSP can use Protocom's SOAP services to securely send and receive messages. Through the Protocom web-based control center the CSP can monitor and manage the volume of traffic traversing the system as well as setup campaigns and complex rules based messaging.

Benefits: Simplified integration for those enterprises planning to interact with their customers in the mobile world.

Common Cloud Concerns

The Pro Message Connect workflow suite has been built from the ground up with enterprises in mind.

We have listened to the CSP's concerns and issues to ensure that Pro message Connect effectively addresses individual concerns around moving the CSP's data into the cloud.

Security of data: the Secure online information solution (SOIS) is an integral part of Protocom's solution in protecting customer data and ensuring only authorized parties can access the CSP's data.

Isolation of data: Each Protocom customer gets its own entire instance of Pro Message Connect ensuring that the CSP's solution is totally independent of other enterprises.

Redundancy: Protocom maintain the solution in two geographically redundant locations to ensure that in the event of disaster the CSP's business keeps running.

Backup: Protocom perform nightly backups of the CSP's data to physical media which is securely maintained.

Where is it Hosted?: Protocom hosting sites are based in Australia but can be established in any territory if and where required to suit the CSP's needs.