Pro Message Switch

Protocom's Pro Message Switch (PMS) has been built to allow CSP's to reduce operation costs and simplify messaging infrastructure. Pro Message Switch is a high throughput transactional message switch that allows Telecommunication CSP's with multiple geographically disparate sites to aggregate the routing and control functions of the SMS network. By doing this they can reduce the amount of infrastructure required to maintain the SMS product and lower the CSP's ongoing operational costs.

Pro Message Switch is intended to address the needs of CSP's with dedicated SMS infrastructure for each network, being independently managed, alarmed and maintained.

By introducing Pro Message Switch into the network, CSP's can move to a model allowing the reduction of SMSC infrastructure footprint to a pair of active sites supporting all of the CSP's network traffic. Pro Message Switch's routing engine can take the hard work off the CSP's SMSCs leaving them to handle the message submission and delivery whilst Pro Message Switch manages the routing and distribution of traffic across the entire customer base. Benefits of Pro Message Switch By deploying Pro Message Switch, CSP's can benefit by:

1. Cost reduction - by no longer requiring a dedicated SMSC solution for each of the CSP's networks, the annual hardware, Support and maintenance and facilities costs will be significantly reduced.

2. Centralised operations - a single group of staff can control and maintain the Pro Message Switch database and routing table to manage traffic between networks.

3. Efficient Utilisation - rather than building infrastructure to handle peak traffic in each of the networks, a centralized solution will allow the operator to 'smooth out' the traffic volumes across time zones. In this manor they can utilise common infrastructure to manage peak loads in networks spanning different time zones.

4. Allows for the integration of new value added services such as policy management, black/white listing, etc. to all of the CSP's customers in a single integration.

5. Allows easy integration of new network technologies such as SIP to deploy LTE, 4G etc.

Protocom's Pro Message Switch has been developed hand in hand with carriers over the past decade and is engineered to meet the scalability, reliability and redundancy needs of CSP's.