Pro Mobile Policy

Pro Mobile Policy is a means to intercept and control message and call traffic sent to and from mobile devices on any network. The combined Pro Mobile Policy (PMS)/Home Network Routing (HNR) solution gives CSP's a powerful product they can offer their subscribers enabling a new range of revenue generating Value Added Services incorporating SMS, MMS, and Voice Mail.

Due to technological limitations in the way that mobile networks currently interconnect (via direct MAP signaling) it is not natively possible for CSP's to police and block all content sent to a subscriber's phone. Pro Mobile Policy enables CSP's to redefine the experience they offer consumers by giving a single point of control where customers can block, drop copy and divert ANY messages designated for a handset.

MPM's rules engine can be uniquely configured for each subscriber or use case. The engine exposes an interface allowing network elements to determine what to do with transactions such as:

  • Allow the message to be delivered unaltered
  • Only deliver the message if the sender is on a whitelist
  • Only deliver the message if it is between 9am and 9pm unless the sender is on a whitelist
  • Redirect the message to a different mobile number or email address

Additionally, by using the mobile self-service interface a customer can quickly create and alter rules based on recently received events or messages. To take advantage of further benefits provided by MPM, CSP's can deploy Protocom's Home Network Routing (HNR) solution to actively control all messages sent onto their network.

Protocom's Home Network Routing (HNR) amends the message path for inbound messages from other CSP's so they can be routed via the CSP's SMSC transparently. This enables a single point where all subscriber preferences and profiling for messages can be achieved.

The HNR solution deploys a Home Location Register (HLR) and Mobile Switching Centre (MSC) proxy that gives total control of all messages terminating on the network.

HNR handles messages in a way that alleviates storage of messages from foreign CSP's that cannot be immediately delivered. This is a massive advantage with the HNR solution resulting in a significant savings both financial and storage capacity for CSP's.